2016 Champion Profiles







Age : 25


Race Number : LM1 / LM47


Current Class: Class 8



ABL Signs

Heywood Auto Spares (HAS)

PF Arboriculture

Viking Coaches


Warwicks Motorcycles


About the Car:

JABFAB Chassis

1340 Hayabusa Engine

Proflex & Xtrax Shock Absorbers

Powder coated by North Point

Vinyl Work: ABL Signs


Age Started Racing: 13


Other Classes Raced in: Junior Mini & F600


Championships Won:

Leewood Mens Champion of Champions 5 Times

Leewood F600 Mens Champion 4 Times

BF600C Champion 2013


Most Memorable Race:

This has to be the final at the final round of the 2013 BF600C Championship at Scunthorpe, going into the final there were still 3 drivers that could win the championship depending on the final result, so the memory of crossing the finish line first and knowing that i had won the championship will stick with me forever.


Zoe would like to say a special thank you to her Mum and Dad for their never ending support.


Image Credit: JB Marketing


LM2 - Suzanne Gibbons

Age, is just a number...started racing in 1989 ..                           Sponsors H.A.S ltd.                                                                    Race number(s) LM19/17/20/8/55/6/11and 2 at mo and any     other I get to race..car whore..                                                      First race: Class 10 Hereford bull, won nationals in 1994 in it and west midland open, north of England, northwestern and leewood Championships can't Remember all, but did ok.. Won nationals again in 1997 in class 10 Chevy got a fourth along the way as well. Stopped racing for a good few years supporting my sons Jack and Ben Gibbons. Started racing again a few year back in Bashers F600s won class 14 and champ of champ In 4 different cars for 5 years and first to win ladies F600 nationals last year in Steve Carrs F600. Took Jacks class 8 to nationals this year and got a tricky 4th in final also Roger Haynes class 9 made the final but ended up facing wrong way on track, which didn't end well..but chuffed at what I did in both cars.. Best race.. Had so many, some of my favourite I didn't win just right good battles ..                                                                     special thanks to my car lenders.. Jack, Basher, Steve Carr, Roger Haynes, Rick, Zoe Leyland, Chantelle Le carpenter, and everyone who has offered again this year

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